Saturday, 8 July 2023

The latest trends in the self-publishing book industry

 Are you still doubtful of your decision to self-publish your newly completed manuscript? Let us clear this doubt.

Let’s have an overview of the various aspects of self-publishing.

Self-publishing or indie-publishing is a popular option. It will give you more control over your work and opportunities to reach readers. You will be able to earn a higher percentage of the royalties. Though Kindle Direct Publishing is also self-publishing, the royalty is lesser.

Self-publishing is an attractive option for many different types of authors, including:

First-time authors: Self-publishing allows first-time authors to get their work out into the world without going through the traditional publishing process, which can be long and difficult.

Niche authors: Authors who write in a specific niche or genre may not find a traditional publisher interested in their work. Self-publishing allows them to reach their target audience directly.

Established authors: Established authors may choose to self-publish to have more control over their work and to earn a higher percentage of the royalties.

Authors who want to experiment: Self-publishing, UK authors can experiment with different genres, writing styles, and marketing techniques. You don’t have to get approval from a traditional publisher or worry about the potential financial risk.

Authors who want to maintain creative control: Self-publishing allows authors to maintain complete creative control over their work, from cover design to marketing. Hire book illustrators for attractive covers.

As the self-publishing industry is growing, several trends are shaping its future. Here-

Let’s explore some of the latest trends in self-publishing in different models and what they mean for you as authors, publishers, and readers.

Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing blends traditional and self-publishing methods together. Here, a publisher will offer some services- which traditional publishers provide, such as editing and marketing. They still enable you (authors) to maintain control over your work.

Hybrid publishing is popular with authors who want the best of both worlds. It is expected to grow in 2023 as well. Some benefits of hybrid publishing include greater access to distribution channels, access to professional editing and marketing services, and the ability to retain creative control over their work.

Subscription Models

Subscription models allows your readers to pay a monthly fee to access a library of books. This is a more cost-effective option for avid readers.

Some indie publishers are adopting subscription models to reach new readers. This allows them to generate consistent income. This is especially beneficial for new authors who are still building their reader base.

Niche Markets

One of the benefits of self-publishing is the ability to cater to niche markets and readers with specific interests. Indie publishers focus on niche markets, such as LGBTQ+ romance or non-fiction books with uncommon topics.

By targeting niche markets, indie publishers can reach readers passionate about a particular topic/genre and create a loyal following of readers. Self-publishers differ from traditional publishers because traditional ones generally focus on broader and more common markets and topics.


You can reach new audiences who prefer audiobooks over traditional print or digital formats. Indie publishers are investing in new technology to improve the audio book experience.

Additionally, producing audio books can be a cost-effective way for indie publishers to reach new readers and generate additional revenue.

Author Collaborations

Collaborating with other authors has become a popular trend in the self-publishing industry. You can create anthologies or box sets of books. This is a more cost-effective way to reach new readers and generate more revenue.

Author collaborations can also help you to build a community of writers where you can support each other and promote each other’s work. This can be especially beneficial for new authors who want to grow their reader base and establish themselves in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an inseparable tool for indie publishers to promote their books and reach new readers. Indie publishers use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build their brands and engage with readers.

Use social media marketing to reach a wider audience and build a following of loyal readers. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to generate sales.

You can choose to self-publish if the benefits attract you. Use the services of professional publishers such as White Magic Studios to provide you with all sorts of publishing support. They are book layout designers. They help with formatting, editing, illustrating, and creating attractive book covers, trailers, or e-books.

The self-publishing industry is evolving and adapting to technology changes, consumer behaviour, and the global marketplace. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and adopt new strategies to reach new heights of success.


Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Pointers for navigating the self-publishing journey confidently

 Navigating the book self-publishing process is overwhelming. Through meticulous planning and attention to detail, authors can evade common pitfalls.

Here are some essential pointers to help you navigate the self-publishing journey:

Define your objectives. Understand the purpose of your book.

Edit and proofread your manuscript meticulously.

Invest in professional book cover designers in the UK such as White Magic Studios- to grab attention and reflect on your book's content.

Pay attention to formatting and Interior Design to ensure readability.

Obtain an ISBN and Copyright to track sales and protect your intellectual property.

Research and choose the right Distribution Channels, such as online retailers and print-on-demand services.

Craft compelling Metadata Optimization to improve discoverability.

Set a competitive yet profitable price based on genre, length, and market trends.

Create a comprehensive Marketing and Promotion plan to generate buzz and attract readers.

Invest in Professional Editing, proofreading, and book formatting services, in UK to ensure a polished product.

Craft an enticing book description that sparks curiosity.

Seek honest reviews from beta readers, friends, and family.

Prepare a well-executed launch plan to generate momentum and visibility upon release. Consider virtual events, giveaways, and media coverage.

Connect with other authors to share insights, cross-promote, and collaborate on marketing efforts.

Stay updated on industry trends, marketing strategies, and new self-publishing tools to refine your approach.

Maintain a high standard of Professionalism and Quality in all aspects.

Be open to adapting your strategies based on feedback and market trends.

Keep track of expenses and royalties to ensure a sustainable and profitable self-publishing career.

Engage with your Readers through social media, newsletters, events, and an attractive book cover design.

Be Persistent and Resilient. Self-publishing is challenging, so stay determined and resilient through obstacles.

Follow these pointers and associate with self-publishing companies UK, such as White Magic Studios. You’ll sail confidently through your book's self-publishing process. Avoid common pitfalls, and increase your chances of success as a self-published author.

Monday, 27 February 2023

Which Digital Marketing of Books Can Be Used By Authors?

Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of marketing tactics and technologies used to reach consumers online. Digital marketing is important when it comes to being competitive and relevant within the book-industry. 

Else, you’ll miss out on countless opportunities to reach out to your target audience.

Hence, if you are looking for book self-publishing; you have to go for web/digital presence- which are (with brief overview):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): is all about getting your website to appear at the top of the results when someone searches for your book.

Pay per click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing: An advertiser typically pays a search engine (Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, or Microsoft Advertising) when the ad is clicked.

Social Media Marketing is when brands/authors use their social presences, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, amongst others, to target their customers.

Content Marketing means creating pages that do not directly sell products or services, but provide information and details about specific subjects (say, your books).

E-mail Marketing may seem old-school but it’s an effective way to stay in touch with your audience.

Mobile Marketing is also effective because people spend most of their time on mobiles.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing involves partnering with influencers—celebrities, experts, authority figures—who have an existing audience to whom they promote your book.

Video Marketing are trailers created by professionals, who are e-book cover creators as well.

Audio Marketing through Podcasts and audio books

Viral Marketing is done by customers themselves, as they spread information on various social media networks about your book, when it reaches the point where it's being shared by the general public.

Every industry including book industry, needs a digital marketing strategy to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive, always-on world. That’s why there is a huge demand for highly skilled book design agency such as White Magic Studios.

Also get your book-cover, front and back created by professionals for more success.


Saturday, 28 January 2023

Why e-book? How to create one?

E-Book, is an “electronic book” which uses devices such as a computer, mobile, or eBook reader (such as Kindle) to view text in a book form. It is made available in digital media, composed of text, images or both.

E-book readers are on the rise every year, as more and more audience are attracted to it due to its benefits such as feasibility of carrying thousands of book anytime- saving space and, at very economic rates.

Moreover, marketing a book using digital platforms gives the best results. E-book excerpts can be used in your website. An effective way to drive traffic to your website is to offer an eBook that visitors find useful.

However, if you wish to go with Amazon Kindle self-publishing, you have to get your manuscript converted into e-book.

Now, how to get a manuscript converted into an e-book?

Several apps available in the market will enable you to do it by yourself.

But, the problem is that it will not be a quality product. It will be an average book which can be procured by anyone.

If you want something special yet error-free, you should approach professional self-publishers such as White Magic Studios, who will help indie-publishers with all publishing related jobs, such as proof-reading and editing, book-layouts, illustrations on book-covers & inside the book, book-formatting, e-book conversion, along with self-publishing on Amazon, and on all major distributors and retailers world-wide.

(Hire a children’s book illustrator for children’s books.)

Start by typing your book on a writing platform. Once you have completed, get it read by a second pair of eyes (proof-reading), convert it to Pdf form to be sent for editing. Hire a professional editor& a self-publishing, Manchester professional. Get an exciting book-cover created. Decide on your format- standard (with ePub or Mobi files) or fixed layout.

And ultimately publish it through Amazon or elsewhere in libraries, book-stores etc. with POD (print on demand) option.

Source: Book Cover Maker

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Illustrations increases the sales of books & elevates the reading experience

Since the earliest times, cave wall paintings were used by human to entertain themselves. Illustrations pleases the human mind more than anything. So it should be an integral part of your book- be it fiction or non-fiction.

Illustrations are an interpretive form of imagery. They’re used in a conceptual approach, to interpret or explain a particular idea. They’re most often used in teaching materials, animations, books, films, video, posters, or similar. 

So, whether you are self-publishing on Amazon or otherwise, it is imperative that you pay due attention to illustrations.

Why do we use illustrations?

  • It's easier for us to understand information using illustrations.
  • Illustrations help bridge cultural gaps.
  • Illustrations add delight to our products.
  • Illustrations spark your user's imagination.

Children have a rather short attention span that needs constant alternation and action to function at its best. Picture books are a great tool to keep them active while reading.

Not only kids, but also adults, enjoy books with illustrations. If you, as an author want to explain how a new product works in a non-fiction book through Kindle self-publishing(or otherwise); you can create an info-graphic that breaks everything down into a step-by-step format. Even in fiction, if you have too much text and want to break things up a bit, a well-placed illustration can offer a much-needed break for the reader.

Data proves that professional book cover designers, UK make use of illustrations tomake it stand out!


Making use of highly experienced professional illustrators (if you are self-publishing, London), to take on the image creation for your book is the best way to ensure a result that works for both you, and your book.

Reaching out and outsourcing this aspect of the creative process saves time, frustration, and allows authors to get back to what they do best: writing compelling prose. Add appeal & interest and make your book more attractive to readers.


Monday, 28 November 2022

Author’s website- a great way to find and keep readers

If you want to self-publish on Amazon, UK, then the first thing you’ve to do is find audience.

Some ways to convert casual readers to fans& audience are:-

About Website:

  • Create an attractive homepage. Include banner images of your chosen genre to make that first impression on your audience or potential fans.
  • Make use of proper colours to give that professional look to your website. Else employ professionals/ website designers for that touch.
  • Format the text on your website to be readable with appropriate font and small paragraphs. Use sub-headings on your home-page.
  • Use a clear & attractive picture of yours in the bio-page and across all social media sites.

Call to action

  • Ask your readers to sign-up in the web-site home-page to avoid rejection.
  • Give your readers an incentive for signing up for your newsletter, such as free e-book (created by expert e-book convertors) or other related yet interesting informations.
  • Place the sign-up button at the bottom of your book’s page visibly.

You and your site should be accessible

  • Include the pages: Home, Books, “About me”, Blogs; on your websites’ easy navigation bar. Update blogs regularly.
  • Have social media links displayed prominently as simple icons. Also make sure that readers can share your content on their pages easily.
  • Make it easy for your readers to buy your books by including a link (say kindle self-publishing, UK) which will directly take them to sellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc.
  • Include your author email in the “About Me” section& a contact page in the navigation bar. Be more accessible to your fans and bloggers who want to feature their book, organizers of conferences who are looking for speakers, or people who want to place bulk orders…

Associate with agents like White Magic Studios who’ll help with book publishing, UK and with creating websites.


Friday, 28 October 2022

Common Tautology to Avoid in Your Writing

Authors, be mindful as to when to use Tautology (can help to add emphasis or clarity or introduce intentional ambiguity) or when to avoidas it can make you sound wordier than you need to be and make you appear foolish.

What is Tautology?

A tautology is an expression or phrase that says the same thing twice, just in a different way. In most cases, it's best to choose just one way to state your meaning and eliminate the extra verbiage; to make your writing more concise and professional; especially if you opt for Amazon book publishing.

Though tautologies are common in everyday speech, they should be avoided in formal writing so that your audience isn’t bothered if you opt for Kindle direct-publishing.

Literal Repetition

  • ATM machine
  • GPS system
  • PIN number
  • Please R.S.V.P.
  • VIN number
  • ISBN number
  • DVD disc

Repetition by Meaning

  • I saw her personally
  • prepay in advance
  • morning sunrise
  • frozen ice
  • close proximity
  • hot water heater
  • dilapidated ruins
  • In my opinion, I think . . .
  • completely devoid
  • 8 a.m. in the morning
  • adequate enough
  • come together in unity
  • I thought to myself
  • creeping slowly along
  • new innovation
  • I assisted her by helping her get to work
  • shout loudly
  • free gifts

Some of the famously usedtautology are-

To be or not to be, that is the question.” –Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Discovered by PoohPooh found it.” –Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be” –Livingston & Evans

“With malice towards toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.” –Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes tautology can be used on purpose to reiterate something, as a poetic device, or to mock someone/something. Connect with professional self-bookpublishers in Manchester, who will edit/format your book for an interesting output.

Publishers such as White Magic Studios will help you, if you want to self-publish book in UK.


The latest trends in the self-publishing book industry

  Are you still doubtful of your decision to self-publish your newly completed manuscript? Let us clear this doubt. Let’s have an overview o...